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It started out smooth. The excavation Contractor really knew how to handle the excavator.

Those big concrete steps and the sidewalk were a snap:

He was rolling along smoothly digging ever so careful around the water line to the house. So I went off to work happy the job started. But at work I got a nagging feeling that something was wrong and I should go home. Am I glad my momma taught me to listen to my feelings. I got home and the contractor had snag the water line on his last bucket, and he was doing the finishing job putting a flex house between the the two joints
He then turn the water on and left to get to a meeting in Woodinville. I went in the house and found I had almost no water pressure. Pebbles and dirt got in the line! Lucky for me I am a plumber for the boeing company and went to work immediateley- I had to flush the lines to clear them out. It Pays to take a sick day now and then!