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other spots i like to visit on the internet

IkeaHacker-people changing furniture to suit their needs
TerraPass- Stamp out your carbon footprint
Living With Ed- Ed Begley's show teaching how to live green
HGTV- My favorate TV channel End your junk mail
How to Make a Solar Power Generator for Less Than $300-a little DIY on making your own emergency power
Growing a Sunflower House for Your Kids- another Phil Fear DIY on this fun gardening project
Harbor Freight- or as I like to call it- Toys R Us
Stratocruisers South- a streetrod and collectible car club I belong to
GreenFestivals- find out about Greenfestivals in your area
DRAFT AL GORE- The man who should be the next president
IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY - get the monkey and his handler out of office before they do any more damage
Annie's Homegrown- Organic pasta products- very delicious!
AM1090 - progressive talk radio
KPLU 88.5- NPR and all that jazz!
Green Car Company- I want a plug in car!!!
MC ELECTRIC CAR COMPANY- I really want a plug-in car!!!!
D-Cell EV company- did I mention I want an electric plug in car???
PHOENIX Motor vehicles- one last time I want an EV CAR!!!
Dr. Bronners Magical Soaps I use Dr. Bronners 18-in-1 Magical hemp peppermint pure-castile soap!
Shop Olde Burien- Shop Olde Burien best baseball team in the majors!
Tacoma Rainiers- best baseball team in the PCL
The Seahawks- 12th man unite
Sundance Solar- Fabulous Solar products for your home!
Abundant Earth- Great earth friendly products
Energy Federation- Solar ovens and CFL's
SmartHome- Great products and electronics
Square Foot Gardening- grow more with less land
Low Impact Living- great products and gifts to help lower your footprint
Yahoo Green- greet green articles
Think Geek- great toys and stuff for the geek in us all
Local Harvest- find a farmers market in your area. Think globally, shop locally
the Daily Green- news for treehuggers nice canvas bags at cheap, cheap prices- great for wrapping presents! - more news for treehuggers
Food Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and the Iron Chefs... need I say more?
Urban outfitters- great stuff to outfit the urban explorer
Clutter cubed
Northwest Flower and Garden Show- I try to attend this every year! Very impressive!
2 Modern- unique furnture and products
A Little Hut Blog- very good blog- very creative and original ideas
how about orange? Well how about orange? another great blog from another graphic designer full of cool ideas
How to make Garden Stepping Stones- how to make places for your feet

Yahoo GREEN! the place for green living

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
YAHOO! GROUPS!-Yahoo groups I belong to:

rEcycleSWK- one of the original "free"cycling groups on the internet
alternatepower - This list is for all those interested in alternative energy