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December 14, 2007

2007 has been a busy year! Started with the plans for the house to get a living room- one year later and almost done. Siding went up last week, and yours truly had to install the cedar shakes on the gable, thatís why it looks like a drunk did it! My worthless S.O.B contractor finally did something right and hired a Mexican guy to finish the house for him. Boy those Mexicans sure get my vote. They work so hard and so fast. I am all for them!
   They are just about ready to start the drywall, and then hopefully the flooring. I cannot wait to move in. My current living room looks like hurricane Katrina hit it, what with combing the living room and dining room. The living room will have 10 foot ceilings, and all the electronics will be built in and on one wall.
December 2007
Didnít get out to many car shows this year. Hopefully next year! Got my trailer to get ready too! Always something around here.
Been having fun riding the scooters around. Nothing broke down this year except the MG blew a water hose. No hospital stays this year!
Not much else to say. Hope everyone has a good holiday and a better new year!- Rob
Some more pics
The start- June 2007

The Plans

Hope everyone has a good year to come!
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