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Pets are a big part of our family. All of our pets are adopted. Binky came from a yorkie rescue in tacoma. Poor old Binky ain't got no teeths. Spike came from a gal at workwhose famliy seemed to have lost interest in him... Spike is my Buddy- wherever I go he wants to be there! Topaz is a retired seeing eye dog...Choco Labs are in my opinion some of the dumbest animals on the face of the earth... dumb but lovable. The cats are recued too... Tuffy came from SOCS shelter when I got him for an old famliy friend and I committed myself to promising that he would have a home when Mrs. Ellis passed on. And Sammy ...well he adopted me the first year I moved in to the house... I was putting up my christmas lights and here came this little kitten who wanted some lovins.